Best Food Habits


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Best food habits are a hilarious thing. It is quite a natural desire

generated in our organs at the bottom of the heart and brain. This desire

becomes strong and eager to eat. Best food habits.


If you are feeling hungry this indicates that you are healthy. 

Healthiness is the natural process occurring inside the internal organ

but you have to help yourself every day. Best food habits.


There are some guidelines that are regularly done to get the best results.


1. Sleeping:- Sleepness is playing a major role in your healthy life, it must

not be ignored obviously at least 6-7  hours quite enough sleep for overall

your good health.


If you sleep more than the time limit may be some harmful effects in

the long-run life. Similarly, if you sleep within fewer time limits against

mentioned duration. You may get adverse health issues. For the best

result, you maintain your best healthy habits.



2. Breakfast:- When you wake up, the day begins in the morning and

everyone takes their meals three times. The breakfast meal is most

important so breakfast must not skip. These are the best food habits.


Breakfast eating habits at the right time and in the right quantity is a good

habit for your health. This habit plays an important role in every day

because you are always willing to eat your favourite foods.


But you must try to eat high fibre base fruits and foods. There are lots of

high-fibre fruits and foods available but you try to take those foods

and fruits that you like most and favourite. These are the best food habits.


As far as I know, these foods are high in fibre and the best nutritious fruits

like  apples, oranges, pears, raspberries, bananas, mangos, grapes,


pomegranates, strawberries, blueberries, watermelon, carrots, beets and

dry fruits(almonds and all nuts, vegetables like broccoli,brussels sprouts,


spinach, kale, cabbage and almost all vegetables have a significant

quantity of fibre, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.



This is recommended that at least women should take 25 grams and men

should take 38 grams of fibre regularly.



3. The Second Meal: – During the second meal mostly everyone is willing

to eat grain foods. Almost all grain Foods contain significant fibre and

they are nutritious also.




4. The Third meal: – During this meal everyone is willing to eat a light diet

to digest easily at night if you take heavy diets (Fat or non-veg) it will

take more time to digest.


Try to consume less oil in cooked foods and it is recommended to use oils

which are really having good results like these are known vegetable oils

(olive, sunflower, soy, corn, canola, peanut etc.



The Secret of Best Health:-You must try to avoid eating on a full stomach.

Suppose your hungry is to eat three pieces of bread but you try to avoid

three and satisfy yourself by eating less than three. These are the best

food habits.


The amazing results you will get, your digest system will work smoothly

and you will feel hungry.


Normally, the foods take time to digest for four hours, if you get hungry

half an hour before this all depends upon your activities and what type of

work you are doing.


If your works are hard it will take more calories so foods digest




5. Include Basic needs for healthy eating:



(A) Protein: This gives you energy to your body but there are two types of

protein one is animal protein and the other is a plant-based protein we

should eat less animal-based protein.


(B)Carbohydrates: These are also prominent sources of energy(fruits,

vegetables, whole grains).


(C)Calcium: Calcium is essential to your healthy lifestyle and deficiency of

calcium may create depression, sleepiness and anxiety.




(D)Fibre: High fibre foods should be included in your diet. This food

greatly relief to diabetes, and heart disease, and is good for the skin.

Mostly found in nuts, beans, vegetables, fruits and grains.




(E)Fat: There are two types of fats one is bad fat that is not good for your

health and other is a good fat that protects your brain and heart, this fat

mostly found in almonds.




6. Mineral or Clean Water:-There are lots of factors to digest foods

properly but in this event, water is playing a significant role in our

digestion system. If you are not drinking water at the right time and right

quantity it may affect your digestion system.



 How to drink in a proper way to get the best results in relation to your

health. Start from the morning when you wake up after refreshing drink

one or two a glass of water before your breakfast.




There should be a timing gap between water drinking and breakfast

minimum of 45 minutes to one hour. again drink the water after a

minimum of 45 minutes to one hour.



 The same water drinking method should be followed for the rest of all

meals. In general situation morning to night 7-8 glasses of water is

enough to get better results.  But in the summer season, this quantity

might increase significantly.



 7. Regular Workout: If you are not doing the hard work then you have to

exercise regularly. and this habit is also included in the building of your

best healthy life.



If you follow the guidelines as spoken about in the health tips, you can

save yourself from lots of major and small diseases definitely.